Slakken / Sporen

Winner of the Co-Production Prize at the Arena Festival der Jungen Künste 2013 in Erlangen, Germany.

Slakken Sporen 1

Slakken / Sporen investigates the beauty of natural forms and slow movement. It consists of sculptural works, a physical performance and a video work. The cultivation of an ecological awareness is the basis for both the action and it’s concrete remains.

The sculptures were made by different visual artists who had this instruction: construct your interpretation of a snail-shell in nothing but ecological materials. These sculptures were then manipulated during a 16-hour performance. From sunrise till sunset, naked performers slowly moved and dragged the sculptures over the length of 50 meters. The snail-shells became extensions of their bodies, safe houses for resting, burdens to carry and even objects of joy and play.

The performance was filmed and later reworked into a video work by Sam Verhaert.  But Slakken / Sporen doesn’t end there. At the end of the day, the sculptures were abandoned in their natural habitat (a strip of nature next to an old unused railway) where they now slowly decay and become part of nature again. This process is being captured in photographs.

From 30 January until 22 February 2014, there was an exhibition at CC Perron, Ieper with photographs and videos from the performance, and the possibility to visit the sculptures in their natural habitat, where they are slowly decaying and are housing small ecosystems of their own now. Pictures of the exhibition can be found here.

Oortocht has collaborated with the music band Winterslag to create a video for their song ‘Sideways’.

Credits Slakken / Sporen:

Visual artists:
Alain Verschueren, An-Valerie Vandromme, Els van Braeckel, Gilbert Degryse, Joke Van de Casteele, Maria Sichien, Marjan Verhaeghe, Oswin Loedts, Philippe Gouwy, Raymond Simon and Simon Janssen

Alain Verschueren, Brecht Hermans, Els van Braeckel, Isabelle Stockmans, Leen Lacroix, Marieke Breyne, Pierre Van Heddegem and Rebecca Rosseel

Photo and video:
Sam Verhaert, Joao Santos and Martin Vandemoortel

Slakken / Sporen took place in Ieper and was supported by the province West-Vlaanderen, CO7, the Flemish Community and Cultuurcentrum Ieper.

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